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Life selector : experience the life of a wealthy bachelor

Aren’t you envious of those guys on their impressive tuxedos riding cool super cars with multiple gorgeous women hanging on their shoulders? If not, I don’t know what planet you’re coming from but all the geeks out there secretly envision such a picture, the deep pockets and the unquenchable thirst for pleasure. Huh, I got you there, you have it in you and don’t ever deny that primal need for absolute satisfaction. Now, you can step into the shoes of an insanely rich bachelor guy and do whatever the hell that pleases you at any given time. And yes, time is relative for these guys and now that you’re one of them, what are you gonna do with such power? All hell is broke lose, in this lifeselector promotional game lose all your inhibitions and see how insane you could become. After all, there is no harm done in the real world but then, who knows maybe in some alternate reality, you’re probably doing the greatest damage. Now is your chance to drive rare collectible cars, order the most exotic coffee on the planet to be delivered right at your doorstep or perhaps throw a dart randomly at the globe stand on your desk and take one of your private jets to get there. The opportunities are endless or simply sail your yacht instead and don’t forget to tell your trusted bodyguard to get you the most beautiful and expensive escort available who is willing to satisfy all your needs. There’s no definite number, you can get as many as you like. Perhaps, you just want to experience the sport of picking up hot girls who seem impervious to material satisfaction, what does a bag of several million bucks do to such souls, wait till you see the result. Have fun!