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Dr. Mike knows it all : life selector game

Do you ever have the urge to ask someone very private questions that you’d rather not involve your most trusted friends in the conversation? Or perhaps you simply want to turn to the online experts who value extreme privacy yet also entails going under the deep web. Maybe you’ve also heard about those pesky paid experts too that want you to talk to them in private lines. Err, there’s just too many variables to consider, so why not trust the hip-hop talking Dr. Mike instead? You can remain private as you wish without the hassles and the catch? Nothing much, just tune in every Tuesday and wait for Dr. Mike’s special hour. Fire up your most intimate question either over the phone or e-mails and get the best laugh in return, nothing awkward with the funny Dr. Mike. Get to know how to satisfy your partner, and most importantly discover how to experience the best sex of your life. Go under, sideways, expert head techniques, the exotic style, err trust Dr. Mike, he practically knows it all. Who says lifeselector stuff bores the hell out of hardcore geeks? Fire up a question and see how well you can improve your orgasms. Dr. Mike’s gonna help you peak and explode like a freaking super volcano. Enjoy.