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Please the wife and punish the maid – LIFESELECTOR

Ever want to hit the sack with your boss’s wife? Or perhaps, there’s a bigger picture at the seemingly obvious picture. In this lifeselector promotional game, you get to be a bodyguard in a mansion. That’s way cooler than just being a driver plus you get to have real power and the awesomeness of holding a real gun. Nonetheless, as a bodyguard you’ll be asked to play the bad guy by the wife of your boss who is giving you the naughty job. Wait, what? Her sensual needs aren’t obviously met and as a woman in heat, she goes on a rampage to find out what’s causing her husband to forget about her luscious pussy lips and turn to the embrace of the cold beer bottle or the warmth of the mattress instead. That sucks but here you are, a handsome bodyguard ready to fill in the shoes of the bastard husband. Oh wait, there’s just this thing about the gorgeous maid who the husband can’t just seem to resist. In fact she’s too damn hot that he totally forgets about his wife. Wait, you know what’s happening right? Proud sick of a bastard, you happen to be so loyal to your boss that you’re practically weaning for another twist. Now’s your chance lucky bastard. The wife signals for you to come then commands you to punish the beautiful and seemingly innocent maid to teach her some respect. The husband is long gone and you have the whole day. Oh the equation is very simple, please the wife and punish the maid. How easy is that to solve? Go now geek, unleash your power and play this fantastic lifeselector game.