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Sexy nurse Whitney Westgate ready to take care of your cock

Ms. Whitney Westgate stands in front of your room while you hold a little flower with a note saying, “Happy National Nurses Week!” Little do you know that Ms. Whitney Westgate is a dirty vixen with one goal in mind, to make you the luckiest bastard alive on earth. Well, you pretty much paid for her services since she is at your full disposal as your private nurse serving you at the comfort of your home. Ms. Whitney stands tall with her sparkling eyes and gorgeous body. You always feel better whenever she smiles plus she promises to do everything that makes you happy and most importantly well.

On this fine morning during the National Nurses Week, you awaken with a bulging hard on that is clearly noticeable from a distance. As Ms. Whitney opens the door, she gasps at the sight of your erect monstrosity then suddenly she displays her wonderful smile and kisses you pressing her soft abdomen against your pulsating cock. What a rush as she presses her erect nipples against your muscular chest then she quickly catches your hand as you try to grab her delicious bum while whispering, “take it slow dear.”

On this lifeselector game, you can fuck the prettiest nurse in town Ms. Whitney Westgate to your heart’s content. Her lovely pussy is so tight and her ass is a virgin. She does not like to give her ass virginity but surely you will find a way to make her demand for it considering that you are handsome and you have a gigantic dick.