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For the last 15 years you own the billboards and the pussies that come with it. Heck, you are the most iconic actor of your generation earning you the loveliest pussies that you could ever fuck. On this lifeselector game, you are an uber popular guy and there is not one lady on the planet who does not want to fuck you. If there is an award for the most successful celebrity born in the last 15 years, then it will be totally yours twice at least. Nevertheless, even the biggest stars also need well deserved retirement not that you are complaining about the pussies and boobies following you around but your hard earned millions have to go somewhere.

A trio of gorgeous chicks named Jennifer Dark, Liv Aguilera and Karla Kush convinces you to buy a yacht with them as your fuck servants. Of course your dick had been fucking the wettest and tightest pussies around but Jennifer Dark’s tight pussy is like a dream come true. It makes you hard as steel whenever Liv Aguilera sucks Karla Kush pussy till kingdom come. And there is more, their other friends Vicca and Taylor Sands are also up for grabs. Vicca’s tight ass is so delightful that you always want her by your side whenever you have the need to spank her twat.

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