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Roxy’s tight asshole is better than her tiny diamonds

Omar is a naughty teenage boy and he has a thing for stealing people’s jewelry to trade for some weed. However, his antics change when he stumbles upon the home of the beautiful vixen named Roxy. Roxy being rich and all, has the butt of a fine lady and her tits are just perfect for sucking. In this lifeselector porn game, you get to be the criminal Omar, just how cool is that?

And upon stumbling on Roxy’s home, you are to decide whether you are going to fuck Roxy’s tight ass or take her jewelry instead. Mind you, the decision is very simple if you are just after the woman’s money however, just look at the woman’s ass and you’ll be surprised as to how quickly you will forget about her jewelries. What is it to you, tight girly asshole or expensive jewelries? Nah, you’re a geek and you would want to stick your dong on the woman’s fine and firm ass.

Just a little tip, Roxy is a fine woman and her virgin asshole is a treasure trove worth spanking. Play this lifeselector porn game and get the chance of being the first to destroy her tight asshole. This exciting criminally inclined porn game is nothing sort of fanciful but beware of the fun, you will simply have the best orgasmic minutes of your life. Think about seeing Roxy undress in front of you whilst you crawl upon her ceiling trying to do away with her jewelries and then viola, things simply get more interesting… have fun!