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The monster of the Forest fucks : porn game

In this lifeselector porn game, experience the life of the Brute of the Forest or the Monster of the Grove. Your territory is vast but the closest kingdom doesn’t care about your dominance. However, you secretly enjoy the benefits that come with their negligence for their population specially the hot chicks. You get to capture unsuspecting tourists whom you subject to your perverted games. You simply send the men away and keep the helpless chicks for your satisfaction after all, they encroached on your territory making all your brutal deeds justifiable.

It all begins with you being the Monster of the Grove, with a massive cock to boot. The whole forest is so beautiful that a lot of hot chicks can’t seem to control themselves encroaching upon your mesmerizing meadows and cool evergreen natural gardens. Then you got so fed up with putting a warning of no trespassing until you got the first taste of an innocent teen you found wandering with her two best friends. You found out that their vaginas can indeed fit your massive cock so you continue hunting for the most beautiful girls that you can ever find ever since.

This lifeselector porn game is all about living your most bizarre dreams after all you own the domain and you can do whatever the hell you want with your captives. Their pussies are so good and your lust is simply unquenchable. The chicks on your care regret meeting you but you just don’t care, for you they’re just pussies and they must play your perverted games or perish. Be nightmarish as you wish!