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Blazing guns and two hot cop chicks : lifeselector

Wanna play the naughty bad cop or perhaps pretend to be the good yet sizzling insanely hot cop? Now is your chance to play this awesome lifeselector game. I won’t spoil the rest of the play for you, all I know is that this is about two young and hot undercover police officers who have so much to prove and would do anything to set their records straight and sky high. Well, I can’t argue enough with the big bad boys in town lurking in some piece of crap hole waiting to unleash their fury in a city besieged by crime and violence. It is really up to these two sexy vixens to bring them down. Think blazing guns and naughty cop attires, oh does the siren and the red and blue blinking lights turn you on? Damn those cleavage lighted in dim blue light and that ass protruding just above your driver’s window, hell I don’t what planet you’re from but every geek in town are up for some wild treats. Just wait till you see more, there are plenty of surprises up ahead. Think about funky disco dance-offs to special sexy interrogations and disguised watch sessions, just follow these two lovely ladies find the clues so enthusiastically. Well, of course the clues lead to a very surprising end. Have fun!