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Experience the naughty benefits of real living

If you’re enjoying the comfort of your lovely sofa or your dusty old office, then READ ME. That comfort zone is killing you slowly, it is more certain than going on a one-time bungee jumping. Just think about the opportunities you already lost, aren’t you just tired of watching movies and driving off your car to the same destination over and over again? It’s killing you slowly and surely. STOP IT. Learn to live a little. Life has so much to offer if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone. So if you’re reading this, REMOVE ALL YOUR CLOTHES and walk out of your old offie. Don’t mind the stares and if you could make it up the whole distance to your car, the better but if it’s cold and Mr. Boney shies away, just tell the closest lady that it’s quite cold unless she’s willing to offer some warmth. Hell yeah, you could receive a slap to the face or worst, but yeah, welcome to the real world. In this lifeselector game, get real for once, no harm done. Perhaps you can also take the lesson and really change your life for good. There are just too many excuses making it difficult to really do what you want. The recipe is in fact so simple just like the alphabet. Just change your Noes to Yeses and enjoy the rest. Seize every opportunity that passes you by. It’s time to live so take the chance and enjoy the naughty benefits. Have fun!

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