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Dominatrix Christina Bella and Kathia Nobili screwed

Having a rough day? Everyone does but hey, you’re a lucky guy and you know what, there’s something in store for you but you can only have it in one way, you gotta enter the house or be done with it. Tick, tick, tick, yep time is ticking so make up your mind, either you want in or out, can’t afford Mistress Kathia Nobili to be badder than she is right now.

Alright, so you’re in, now you’ll get most of the spanking and since you made Mistress Kathia Nobili and Christina Bella wait for like a century, she gonna be bad. The leatherette panty hose you say, I bet your eyes are feasting at her incredibly sensual body right now. Ahh that cleavage, if I were you I’ll obey until she gets you the go signal to fuck her brains out. Meanwhile, aren’t you just surprise at all. There are two hapless creatures under her feet waiting to be punished for being so lousy and bad, real bad. They are clinching their fists in disgust but hey, they can’t do a thing against the dominatrix, after all she’s the goddess here and you’re in for the wettest ride of your life.

Abandon all hope, it’s time to just let the beast suffer after all, you’ve been bad, very very bad. On this lifeselector game, you’ll simply suffer and allow the kinky Mistress Kathia Nobili to take full control over your fate. You are on your my friend but I suggest make the most of it because it’s a helluva one time ride only. Have fun!