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Ashley in life selector : are you ready… Fuck me

So you get to be the referee and still you are disappointed… err look at the private again. Umm, is this what I think it is? Yeah mate, you get to be the referee of a sizzling girl-on-girl catfight session. The truth is Ashley knows about your secret and two sexy vixens are just practicing for their upcoming show. She gets to choose the judge on her practice and she wants you pal and her hot sparring partner can’t wait to take her down while you watch.

Oh this show is going to be big, but before the lusting public eyes, Ashley’s giving you the keys to the very first show. This lifeselector interactive porn game will teach you all the skills needed to call a fight legal or illegal, winning or losing, and whatnots. Hey, I’m not the expert but Ashley seems to think that you are so what are you waiting for?

Some pointers err tale of the tape for you: Ashley is a young vixen with a very tiny twat, but she works out pretty well giving her a petite but firm physique. She’s short alright, but her bums gonna make you drool plus her pretty slutty face will be enough to drive you mad. On the other hand, little Christina is a bit larger with more muscled physique. Her boobs are almost flat but she got it all down there. Her luscious mound shows off on her tight fight attire enough to make any man go wild.

So, you happy now? Other than watching and judging the sexy catfight’s winner, you’re also free to make your own rules. Twist the ending if you must, there are two lovely ladies at your disposal. Enjoy!