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White Angel’s car wash gone bad : lifeselector

Working at the car wash is a bit difficult, specially when you get wet all the time and the soap used on the cars somewhat dries your skin. Well, there’s always the lotion to fix that up but what you’re not prepared for is a hot chick barking at you with very insulting words over a car wash job that seems perfect yet the chick finds as a dirty job.

In this lifeselector porn game, you get to wear the shoes of Antonio, the car wash guy who becomes so frustrated with White Angel’s damning tone over a simple matter. The argument becomes messy and the bitch keeps getting bitchier at you, but oh boy, things start getting messier when you point the hose to the bitch’s direction. You start to discover just how insanely hot she is with her flimsy tank top barely covering her erect tits appearing like icings on a cake and boy, you really want to lick them now.

Finally, the bitch’s attitude causes her to get the service she deserves, a vaginal wash with a massive cock and some creaming too. She’s now wet and tied and regrets being bitchy, tries to apologize but to no avail. Hell, she’s lying there soaked with her mini skirt barely covering her ass. She screams when you get your hands under her mini skirt but then she starts moaning when you get to her luscious mound and play with her clit. Like a tied vixen, you turn her around quick and bang her from behind, oh boy what a rush. Enjoy!