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Lifeselector: Ivana Sugar bares it all for the playboy

In this lifeselector game you will simply step off the bed and resist the urge of fucking every pretty pussy you can find. You are now the gossip columnist of The Fabulous Life tabloid magazine. On this assignment, you are tasked to examine the life of a famous rich playboy and his rumored scandalous love life and stormy affairs. You must spill the beans of course.

Your cue is that this businessman playboy buys everything money affords. This means all the sweet pussies for sale on the planet. Although he lives a playboy lifestyle, he recently had a private love affair to which you were called to discover.

It is your job to infiltrate and destroy your target’s reputation. He has never been in front of reputable magazines for his scandalous adventures because no reporter has ever made it to his inner circle. Just like a peeping tom, you will have the best time of your life fapping your dick like in your teen years.

This playboy has been doing Ivana Sugar which is a top porn star. Nobody knows except you and your lovely tipster of course which is no other than Ivana Sugar’s pimp for which you are so much obliged to fuck on every possible encounter.

Ivana Sugar is incredibly hot with her tight mound so juicy and creamy. You managed to get inside their room while they fuck their brains out. With a camera on one hand and one on your hard rod, shooting photos and cum has never been this exciting. Have fun!