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Lifeselector : Doctor Doctor, please help me fuck

Do you ever wonder how it feels to be the shrink who tells their women patients to suck their dick to cure their abhorrence to cock sucking? Well, mind you some women don’t like to suck cocks and there are those that are too shy to even get fucked. They get wet of course and they have tried various objects and plastic dongs to satisfy their lust but none comes close to a good hard flesh inside their tight pussies.

On this lifeselector game, you are the shrink with an expertise on sexual stress alleviations. The women who have this problems are ready to do whatever you say to them after all, you’re asking a good money for your professional services plus bonuses of which these women readily provide, what you ask, wet pussies and warm mouths of course dummy.

The kinds of women that you met on a daily basis are too bitchy, too ignorant or the very demanding ladies. Some of them loves to be fuck hard but they are so afraid to ask their husband to fuck them hard. These women are helpless, they are stuck and that is why they turn to your expertise. Of course, being the geek that you are, it’s only a matter of a good fuck to satisfy the needs of these women.

Sunny Diamond‘s hard core fucking needs are quite easy to solve. She loves it hard and you can get so rough that she complains in the end. Leyla Black’s ignorance is too easy whilst Lana Louis’s shy demeanor is very interesting that you can even fuck her in the ass. Enjoy!

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