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Lifeselector game: male escort pleases all the ladies

As a male escort, you get to enjoy the best pussies in town while being paid. However, your girlfriend does not even know where you are taking the money to pay for your expensive dates but she loves buying her favorite Gucci boots and Prada bags. As long as you keep her happy, you can fuck around too guilt free.

On this lifeselector game, you are a handsome escort doing a very demanding job. Fortunately, your clients are all hot and crazy horny making your job easier and more pleasurable. Prove your manliness is this porn game as you satisfy countless hot women looking for a piece of your cock. You are just human though, so prove that you have the stamina to please all the ladies queuing to get their turn.

Start playing and make the right moves. Remember that not all pussies are the same and some women have horniness that your energy simply runs out. Get down there and lick her till she drop instead. Some sexy ass ladies also want you to fuck them in the ass which is delightful but harder for your tired cock since they are all tight and crazy horny.

Plus there is your crazy hot girlfriend Ariana Marie who demands that you fuck her every night. She slowly thinks that your manliness is in peril because when it is time to fuck her, your cock is already limping. Had she known that you fucked several ladies before her, she would have understood. Play the game and do your moves and remember to keep some energy for your kinky girlfriend afterwards.