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Exhibitionist’s paradise with Dido Angel : lifeselector

This sex game is all about having a blast being an exhibitionist. So if you haven’t tried fucking in front of a camera play this lifeselector porn game now. The idea is simple, check yourself at this hotel and have fun. This hotel has a special luxurious and exclusive room that you can for free as long as you sign the agreement that you don’t cover up every time you and your hot girlfriend are fucking. Of course being a nerd that you are, you agree and of course your lovely girlfriend agrees too and she is already wet thinking about it.

The first thing you do when you entered the cozy room is turn to your beautiful girlfriend and reach under her mini skirt. You are not pulling her panty but Dido Angel starts to moan like crazy. Then she starts playing with her tits over her flimsy tank top as the movement of your hand increases, finger fucking at its best that is what it is and certainly the people looking at both of you are having a blast too.

Your girlfriend pushes you on the couch and sits on top of your hard cock with her now wet pussy. She grinds a little before you push her back up and she returns kneeling on the floor wanting to suck your pulsating cock. You acquiesce and gives it to her as she wiggles her ass on the hidden cameras now focusing on the lovely mound under her sweet ass.