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The dirty assistant’s little tight pussies : lifeselector

Being the leader of a great nation takes so much toll on the individual. Although the presidential staff is there to help out, sometimes the job is just too much. In this lifeselector porn game, you are the President’s personal assistant and you are so good at your job that you literally have so much power almost equal to the President albeit on the sidelines only. Your tasks include digging out dirt to the opposition and convincing them using your ruthless Machiavellian tactics to do whatever the hell you want that favors your boss, handling the trainees and organizing different programs that benefit the nation and your pockets too. This is a job that promises bright future or a grim one but the end is all up to you.

With so much power on your hand, you can literally fuck every hot daughter of senators and business moguls. You can even fuck their wives as long as the dirt you dug is too much to go public making them submit to all your kinky demands. Money is too easy especially when your boss is paying you enough to last a lifetime. However pussies are hard to come by especially when you are too busy to look for the right one in your life. Every ball means an opportunity to select the hottest chick or wife of the senators that you can literally blackmail… so fuck them till you drop.

The sexy Chanel Preston protests to your demands but she simply cannot risk losing her millions so yeah, getting your dick satisfied is the least of her problems. Then there is Mrs. Alexis Adams whose pussy is so tight because her husband is so busy at his office. She willingly fucks you like mad and you like every single bit of it. Silvia Saige is a hot daughter of one of the senators and she is smoking hot. She’s a virgin so handle her pussy with care.

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