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Banging the neighbors has never been this good : life selector

The holidays are supposed to right right, no fights and no bitter feelings but you just started a fight with your lovely wife Abbey and of course your hot step-daughter Kacey. They simply want to be by your side to warm things up since the cold is biting so what are you waiting for? You can certainly crack the golden mean on this one after all a teacher, a neighbor, and two sassy teenagers are waiting for you while your wife and step-daughter are in Wyoming. Your holiday to do list is not short so you must hurry up to finish everything and have some naughty fun time.

The crazy part is right next to your house is the insanely hot India Summer always wearing her night gown without anything underneath silhouetting her perfect curves. Then the two sassy teenagers Olivia Austin and Abbey Brooks simply love to tease you on your usual morning routine of course with your hard-on teasing the girls too. The other neighbor a teacher named Janice Griffith simply wants to suck your dick to your wife’s discomfort. But yeah, these are the perks of being a handsome neighbor and a cool one of course. So treat yourself and have sweet pussies to taste for a change.

You have a pretty good training with your crazy on the bed wife so you have plenty to show off specially to the equally crazy teenagers who will certainly suck you dry. Of course getting it on with India Summers is your fantasy and she simply likes your cock too. Have fun !

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