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Angell Summers is a great looking woman. Born in Chartres on May 29, 1987 , she is one of the most famous french porn actresses. This is not only because she shooted in extreme scenes, we will come back on this point later. Angell Summers began her career as a sexy model photo, then as a stripper in 2007. In May 2008 , she began her career as a porn actress , first as an extra , then for a lead role in a film by the famous John B . Root. Since the release of her first film, it is the explosion for her ! 6 years of career, she will shoot for most production studios in the world. She even , in 2009, won the Golden Hot best French starlet . Geek- X had the honor and the opportunity to make a movie with Angell Summers just before she puts an end to her career in September 2013 and the scenario was exactly the way we like . Both geek , fun, and porn ! Angell Summers spent a very bad day. Everything she touches is a failure. Her alarm rings late. She did not put her lipstick correctly . In the subway , an alcoholic stinks and sits next to her. And the worst of the worst , even when its core business practice , that is to say, playing her favorite FPS, she gets outplayed by everyone. This is too much for her! She will jump at any opportunity to relax. And this opportunity will be her neighbor. As shoon as she crosses him she will tak him in her appartment and jump on him. Will follow a fuck fest in a brutal and savage way. Angell Summers will suck his neighbor like a whore and getting caught in all positions in her beautiful Parisian apartment. So if you too have always dreamed of fucking a sexy geekette , this is your chance to download the latest movie with Angell Summers.